"..no other documentary has perfectly captured the energy and power of a musical explosion with an “You Are There” immediacy like Punking Out has."   -- M. E., iFilm

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New Print Master Preserved by
The Donnell Media Center of The New York Public Library
With Funding From The Carnegie Corporation of New York

This is an original DYI film at the center of it all during the birth of 
Punk Rock at CBGB in NYC 1977.  It stars The Ramones, The Dead 
Boys, Richard Hell & the Void Oids, fans, celebrities, tourists, 
weekend punks, and CBGB staff. 

Audiences were entertained through the '80's and '90's at college 
campus screenings, on PBS and in the theater -- most notably with 
Rock'n'Roll High School and Quadrophenia.   It continues 
to be lauded and celebrated--most recently at The New York Underground 
Film Festival.

Punking Out is credited as the critical source for information in the 
33 1/3 Series Book on The Ramones - the 1st album. MTV, VH1, and indie 
filmmakers have used footage from it for various feature shows over 
the last 20+ years.

Originally cut from some 30 hours at NYU Film School to be a short feature
 on PBS in 1978 to introduce the documentary Bad Boys (that inspired the 
TV series) by Alan Raymond but was dropped due to strong language and our 
refusal to censor.
Awards, Honors, & Distinctions
Ann Arbor Film Festival '79: Documentary
Oberhausen Film Festival'79: Documentary
New York Film Expo '79: Documentary
NYU Film Festival '79: Documentary
Philadelphia Film Festival & Expo '80: Documentary NY Museum of Modern Art "What's Happening" '79 Walker Art Center Showcase '79 Hirshhorn Museum Showcase '79 Reel Philadelphia hosted by Amos Vogel WHYY PBS '80 The Roxie: Co-Feature with Rock'n'Roll High School '79 Bleeker St.Cinema: Co-Feature with Quadrophenia '80 NY Museum of Modern Art/Donnell Film Library Holding '80 Guggenheim Film Preservation Grant '00 New York Underground Film Festival '01: Tribute Sound Unseen Road Trip Film Festival '02
Interviews with the late:
     Joey Ramone
     Dee Dee Ramone
     Stiv Bators
     Helen Wheels
Also With:
     Band members still alive
     Lydia Lunch
     Hilly Kristal 
     Weekend Punks
     1977 CBGB Performance Clips:
Performance Clips
The Ramones
(w/ late Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny) Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You Blitzkrieg Bop
The Dead Boys (w/ late Stiv Bators)
     Anarchy In The U.K.     I Need Lunch
     Down In Flames
Richard Hell & The Voidoids (w/ late Robert Quine)
     Blank Generation
     Love Comes In Spurts



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